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Alchemist Kraken series

The most striking of all the Alchemist ranges, the Kraken divided people over its dominant styling. The sharply contoured heat sinks of the amplifiers were matched on all the MkII range. Even though unnecessary on the CD and pre-amplifier, the integrated and power amplifiers are Class A designs and get VERY hot! And the knobs and trim were available in a choice of gold or silver across the range.

The Kraken range was the second to be launched and, through a series of design enhancements, was their longest running and most popular series, running from 1992 until the end of Alchemist's history.

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Kraken Integrated amplifier Kraken APD6 MkII Integrated Amplifier
Kraken Power amplifier Kraken APD8 Power Amplifier
Kraken Pre amplifier Kraken APD7 Pre Amplifier
Kraken Mono Power Amplifier Kraken APD19 Mono Power Amplifier


Kraken CD Player

Kraken APD9A Integrated CD Player