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The Alchemist Forseti Range

Alchemist Forseti was a range of hi-fi separates in striking, full-width cases. Analogue products were originally designed by Glen Gayle, with the addition of "Signature" versions of the pre and power amplifiers which were engineered by Tim de Paravicini. The digital side was taken care of by Chris Found of CF Media.
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Forseti Pre Amplifier Forseti APD21A MkII Pre-Amplifier
Forseti Power Amplifier Forseti APD20A MkII Power Amplifier
Forseti Remote Control Integrated Amplifier Forseti APD15RC Remote Control Integrated Amplifier
Forseti Integrated Amplifier Forseti APD15A MkII Integrated Amplifier
Forseti Signature Pre Amplifier Forseti APD21A Signature Pre Amplifier
Forseti Signature Power Amplifier Forseti APD20A Signature Power Amplifier


Forseti CD Drive

Forseti APD33A CD Transport
Forseti DAC Forseti APD34A DAC
Forseti CD Player Forseti APD32A Integrated CD Player