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6 January 2007:
The following have been added:
Kraken APD6 Amplifier HiFi Choice & What HiFI reviews. More detail to TSD1 DAC specifications and new photos. New photos of ADM1 Speakers. ADMC & ASD7 Centre Speakers added. Forseti APD15a Integrated Amplifier German "Nemo" version detail. Kraken Mk1 Integrated Hammerite photo. Kraken Mk1 Pre Amp late model silver photo. Kraken Mk1 Power Amp late model silver photo. Maxim Integrated black photos. Nexus Integrated Amp internal photos. Product8 Integrated Amp rear panel photo. Forseti Amplifier output circuit diagram. Axiom Amplifier schematic diagram. HiFi Choice Genesis & Freya review reprint.

7 November 2005:
Added details for designer Jez Arkless. Updated Contacts page.

23 January 2005:
Alchemist Genesis APD1 Power Amplifier - detailed new internal and external images

4th January 2005:
Site updated for CSS & W3C compliance - improved & consistant cross-browser layout.

28 November 2004:
The Alchemist The Pre & The Mono What HiFi reviews added.
Forseti RC Integrated What HiFi review added.

8 November 2004:
Maxim review (HiFi News) added.
1st Range review (HiFi Choice) added.

18 October 2004:
1st Range HiFi World Review added.
Improved Freya and Bragi images added.
New photos of The Stereo Power Amplifier added.

13 October 2004:
Information about designer Andy Light added.

10 September 2004:
Nemesis Amplifier images added
Kraken Integrated Amplifier HiFi Choice review added

21 June 2004:
Forseti Bridging Guide added
AA Series specs and rear panel shots added

20 May 2004:
"The" Series specifications, instructions and rear panel maps added
Kraken Pre mk2: new PSU photo
Kraken Power mk2: new front view

8 May 2004:
Axiom amplifier: extensive new images added
Forseti integrated: rear panel shots added
Odin power amplifier: new photo

26 April 2004:
No more frames! The site is now frameless, allowing perfect navigation from any entry page.

12 April 2004:
Nexus Mk2 CD Player rear, front and remote control images added.
8 page edition of Forseti Power Mk2 instructions added.

11 April 2004:
Kraken Mk2 Pre and Power instruction manuals and rear & internal images added.
Forseti Transport and DAC rear panel images added.
Nexus Mk1 CD Player rear and internal images added.

5 April 2004:
TSD1 DAC HiFi World Review and rear panel photo added. Axiom ad. from HiFi World. Axiom Amplifier Review from HiFi World. July 1999 price list.

27 March 2004:
Forseti RC Integrated Amplifier internal photos added. Nexus Mk 1 CD Player photos added. Maxim photo added.

15 March 2004:
"The Alchemist" series photos added.

10 March 2004:
HiFi World reviews of Kraken integrated, Maxim integrated, Forseti pre and power, Nexus amplifier and Nexus CD added.
1st Range new photos

6 March 2004:
TSD1 specifications added, basic info added to ADM speaker pages, Forseti Pre/Power What Hi*Fi? review, minor additions in Nexus and Nemesis ranges

5 March 2004:
Download centre - instruction manuals added for AA, Product 8, TSD2 & Forseti Pre Amp, Forseti Power Amp.
Forseti range - extensive photos of pre and power amps.
Improved photos of Axiom.
New photos of Kraken Mk1 Integrated.

10 December 2003:
Kraken range - APD19 Mono Power Amplifier added.

7 December 2003:
Elemental brochure, APD6 review, APD7/8 review and May 1995 price list pdfs added.
Download centre added.

28 October 2003:
Kraken range - pre, power and integrated amplifiers: all new pictures, Mki and Mkii, specifications and details updated.

6 September 2003:
Nexus range - new images added. Site wide layout improvements.
Forseti range brochure, Kraken range brochure & Nexus range brochure pdfs added.

31 August 2003:
ADM range images added.

3rd August 2003:
Kraken range specifications & pictures added and enhanced.

2nd August 2003:
Forseti range specifications & pictures added and enhanced.

25th July 2003:
New domain launched.
Forum added.

1st July 2003:
1st release of the Alchemist HiFi Archive website.