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Alchemist Forseti APD20A Power Amplifier bridging guide
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This only works if you are using an Alchemist Forseti Pre Amplifier and two matched (same model) Alchemist Forseti Power Amplifiers. No other combination will work.

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1) Turn off all your amplifiers 10 minutes in advance of this work, allowing time for them to cool down.

2) Connect Forseti pre to Forseti power amps
Alchemist Forseti Pre to Power link for bridging power amps

i) You will need 2 x "Y" XLR leads, each running from a single XLR female to 2 x XLR males.
These will need to be configured so that the +ve and -ve connections are INVERTED on ONE of the plugs, but not the other.

ii) Connect from the LEFT PRE OUTPUT on the Forseti Pre Amplifier to BOTH LEFT AND RIGHT balanced inputs on one of the Forseti Power Amplifiers. This power amplifier will, in turn, be connected to your LEFT speaker.

iii) Repeat for the RIGHT channel.

3) Power amp to speaker
Alchemist Forseti Power Amplifier bridging diagram (single wiring)

i) From this power amplifier, run from the +ve RIGHT output on the Forseti Power Amplifier to the +ve connection on your LEFT speaker and from the +ve LEFT output of the Forseti Power Amplifier to the -ve connection on your LEFT speaker (the two outermost speaker connections on the rear of the power amp connecting to a single speaker).

ii) If you are single wiring your speakers, use both the top +ve connections on the Power Amplifier, if you are biwiring then use these connections for treble and the connections below for bass.
Alchemist Forseti Power Amplifier bridging diagram (biwiring)

4) Repeat for the other channel.

5) Ensure that all connections are safe and secure and then turn on your Forseti Pre Amplifier followed by your two Forseti Power Amplifiers.

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The specific wiring of the balanced (XLR) leads means that the same leads CANNOT be used if you wish to use your Forseti Power Amplifiers in a bi-amp configuration. This would require both the males to be wired to the female IN PHASE.
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